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    Team of professionals

    The company offers to your services a highly qualified team of specialists. Everyone has successfully completed the necessary training in drilling and cutting concrete and reinforced concrete. The experience gained and the certificates guaranteeing the knowledge and handling of the specifics are the surest guarantor for the successful accomplishment of the assigned tasks.

    Concrete cutting techniques and technology

    The specificity of drilling and cutting concrete requires the use of only the highest quality materials and machines. Daga 93 uses machinery and machines supplied and serviced only by the best manufacturers on the market to ensure trouble-free and long-lasting operation.

    Diamond Disc for Concrete Cutting

    Cutting is done by hydraulic power machines with diamond blades and a diamond rope cutting system with a thickness of reinforced concrete (concrete) from 100 mm to 3000 mm and, where necessary, this range can be increased. With this type of concrete cutting precision, precision and quality are achieved in cutting, without the need for further processing. Diamond cutting with a disc is applicable to all building materials, including concrete, reinforced concrete, and other concrete products.

    Specificity of the Concrete Diamond Cutting

    Among the main advantages of this type of cutting are high cutting accuracy, almost zero vibrations that arise with other methods and can be detrimental to the construction. As a result of this type of activity, smooth and smooth surfaces are obtained that require minimal processing costs. Thanks to the high-quality technique and the team of specialists, Daga93 can perform services related to the cutting of any concrete structures of any degree of reinforcement, reinforced concrete, brick masonry, and other building materials.

    Techniques and Technologies for Concrete Drilling

    This type of activity is again characterized by a high degree of accuracy and precision. Concrete drilling can be done on both horizontal and vertical planes. The innovation of the technology allows drilling holes and at different angles to the surface when needed. Drilling can be done in reinforced concrete with varying degrees of reinforcement, concrete, stone, brick or other known building materials. The diameter of the borers is from 8mm to 500mm. If necessary, the depth and diameter can be further adjusted.

    Application of Cutting and Drilling of Concrete

    The application of this type of innovative construction techniques and technology is expanding every year. Diamond cutting and drilling displace pneumatic hammers and breakers from construction sites due to a number of advantages. The technique and machines that “Rainbow 93” uses in the process of operation prevent unforeseen complications that would arise in the process of using traditional methods. The diamond discs, ropes, and bracelets have left in the past the vibrations that are detrimental to the structure.

    Concrete Scanning

    – Instant high-resolution display for an accurate view of the reinforcement layout
    – Calculate the coating and reinforcement cross section at any point in the image
    – Easy determination of concrete coverage of large areas
    – Avoid cutting of load-bearing fittings
    – Highly efficient analytics software

    DAGA93 Ltd.

    “Daga 93” Ltd. has all the diamond drilling machines – from the smallest to the biggest – hand and tripod, diamond discs and diamond rope cutting systems, steel-concrete scanning systems, HILTI production. machinery and consumables have all the certificates and instructions for quality and flawless work.