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    NewCutting edge demolition technology

    DardaHydraulic Demolition

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    Examination of reinforcement of reinforced concrete with a scanner:

    -Scanning is one of the comparatively new services we offer. The wide detection area allows fast and easy scanning. An intelligent algorithm provides accurate depth measurement of the fittings, image scanning provides a reliable estimate of the size of the structural analysis armor. Wide scanning application is expressed in:

    – Inspection and analysis of the reinforcement.

    -Checks concrete cover over large areas for structural and repair work.

    – For inspections of buildings and quality control.

    – Helps to avoid costly repairs due to damage to structurally significant reinforcement in cutting, boring and impact drilling.

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    Drilling (perforating) with diamond core drilling systems in reinforced concrete, bricks, panels, natural stone, etc.

    Diamond drilling is widely used and is an integral part of the modern construction of water and sewage pipelines, Electric cables, Air ducts, Air conditioning and all kinds of communications, Concrete, asphalt, drilling of anchoring holes, etc. The great advantage of this method, as opposed to shaking, is both the lack of vibration that compromises the remaining solid concrete, but also the drilling performance with the boron cutter and the lack of dust.

    We have a wide range of core drilling tools – from 12mm to 500mm. Combined with our many years of experience and the most up-to-date machines and equipment we have available, we make it possible to handle all challenges.

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    Cutting with diamond wall-milling machines in reinforced concrete, bricks, panels, natural stone, etc.

    Cutting with the steno cutting system of reinforced concrete etc. makes it possible to remove walls, slabs, columns, staircases, terraces, concrete roof slabs. It also solves the problem of forgotten or subsequently arising the need for additional doors, windows or just a change in size. Again, the big advantage is the lack of vibration, high performance and lack of dust.

    We have the full range of 15kw to 32kw latest generation electric and hydraulic drive engines that we use according to the specifics of the pre-analyzed object. The work with the diamond cutting systems and the 15-year experience of our teams allow us to achieve exceptional precision and speed in the implementation. Different sizes of diamond discs allow a cut to 53 cm in depth.

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    Cutting with diamond rope:

    This system is applied in the case of big-dimension elements and their cutting with a diamond disk is impossible. Cutting with diamond rope is used for the total or partial removal of foundations, large sewer pipes, cutting of bridge girders, columns, etc. The advantage here is – as for the entire range of diamond systems – no vibrations, dust and rapid handling of the problem (cutting-lifting-ready). The weaving systems we work with are the latest generation of computer-controlled machines, which Combination with competent management by our qualified personnel is a guarantee for the qualitative fulfillment of the set goals.

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    • Strengthening compromised walls, floors, ceilings
    • Modern methods for reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures
    • Highest level of equipment and consumables
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    • making heavy and light fixings
    • a high level of security
    • use of injection technology and adhesive anchors for all types of substrates
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